1-Star Review Left on Google Because the Service Was No Longer in her budget!

1-Star Review Left on Google Because the Service Was No Longer in her budget!

1-Star Review Left on Google Because the Service Was No Longer in her budget!

1-Star Review Left on Google Because the Service Was No Longer in her budget!

This new Algorithm for the Google Maps section for businesses is starting to get a little scary. I can understand that you can’t make everyone happy but some people just don’t always think through the process as to how badly it can affect someone’s business. Plus, whether it’s Google, Yelp, or even Ebay, there are many people out there who don’t even know how the rating system works or what would constitute leaving a bad review.

Case in point, this morning our ReviewLeads program caught a potentially-devastating 1-star review because she analyzed her budget and realized that the service was no longer in her budget. Did the business do anything wrong, was the owner at fault, was the customer upset with the business in any way? Nope, on the contrary the customer had been using the service for many years and loved it. She loved the owner and her staff. So why did she leave the 1-star review then? She just didn’t know any better.

Luckily, the business is one of our clients and our system intercepted the review before it went live. The owner contacted her customer to make sure she wasn’t upset and then educated her on what the review rating is and how badly it could impact her business. The customer was shocked and very apologetic and went back and revised her review. That’s the beauty of our program put in action in real time.

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Ryan H.

We’ve been in business for about 4 years and didn’t have any reviews anywhere. We now have a 5-star rating on Yelp, Google, and Facebook! We now get more calls from Yelp and Google than we do from word-of-mouth which is nice!

Diana M.

I have been lucky to have accumulated a great following over the years and thus my demand for commissioned work has always been great. However, my “on the street” traffic could have been better.

I knew I needed a positive online presence and we already had a decent review rating and some reviews, but I was tired of asking my staff to constantly ask customers for reviews so we just kind of let it go by the wayside and the last reviews we got were from over a year ago.

I chose Terry and the ReviewLeads program because he was very patient with all of my questions and he was very eager to help me. The program boosted my reviews like crazy and we got 19 reviews in the first month. Because it is pretty much an automated program, it is very easy to keep up with getting new reviews and now we are up to 79 positive reviews and s Star Rating on Google of 4.9.

Diana M from Madaras Gallery

Russ B.

When we started the ReviewLeads program we had been in business for 73 years and we didn’t show up in the Google Search, had only 41 reviews and no social media presence.

We got 16 reviews in 24 hours and 64 in the first month! In three months we are up to 176 total reviews and a star rating of 4.8.

Thanks to their coaching we now show up on the first page of the Google Search Results, we are learning how to advertise with Google Ads and are posting every day on this new Facebook thing, lol.

I couldn’t be more pleased!

Russ B from Reproductions, Inc

Gary O.

When someone looked us up on Google our Star Rating was not great at 3.2 stars and our competitors were much higher. It was affecting our business and I was calling around to have someone fix this for us.

We chose Chit Chat and the ReviewLeads program because they were very straight forward with me about the negative reviews that were being left and he was great a trouble-shooting the problem with me. He had great ideas and was very positive and enthusiastic with me on the phone.

After doing some investigating it turned out that the reviews that were being left were people complaining about having to perform drug tests, not the actual service of the facility. The ReviewLeads program was great because we were able to intercept the negative reviews before they went live and reach out the the person to resolve the issue. Once it was determined that it was the drug test that they had to do and not how we performed them, they were happy to leave a positive review for us.

I would absolutely recommend Chit Chat because our Star Rating on Google went from 3.2 to 4.6 and we are now up to 29 positive reviews.

–Gary from Oschmann Drug Screening

Jeff D.

Terry was my t-shirt guy and I knew that he also did business consulting so I called him initially because I needed more exposure and most of my business was word-of-mouth.

I was spending about 500 bucks a month on Google Ads but I wasn’t getting a whole lot out of it. I had Angie’s List and Yelp but didn’t get any calls from them either.

The first thing Terry did was set me up on the ReviewLeads program and we started getting a lot of feedback… some of it wasn’t good.

The great thing about the ReviewLeads program was that the negative reviews weren’t posted live. They went into a holding tank first so I could call the customer and address them or I could choose not to allow them to go live at all.

One of the negative reviews was from a current customer and I called him and cleared up the miscommunication and and the other one was from an unhappy previous employee who made a false claim and I didn’t allow that one to go live.

We worked on my Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews aggressively and started to build them up. Within 90 days my incoming inquiries from Google have tripled.

I would recommend Chit Chat Media Group to other business owners because of the success that I had and we are about to start working on a website with them as we speak.

–Jeff from the Stump Company

Dan K.

Before working with Terry we didn’t even come up on the Google Maps listing for our area. Before he even started working on our website he got us up as the top listing on Google Maps and then implemented the Reputation Management program.

Before that we only had a One-Star rating on Google and no reviews. We had a couple negative star ratings on Google that I didn’t even know about initially that were placed by an unhappy ex-employee and because of that we avoided Yelp and Yellow Pages altogether.

Once we started the program our Google star Rating went up to 4.8 stars and we had 23 positive reviews on Yelp in 30 days. After that, the number of reviews just kept increasing every month on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.

It made a huge difference in how many calls we were getting each month and once we had the new website up, our response from our social media marketing increased in a big way too.

I would definitely recommend Terry and Chit Chat to other business owners for increasing their star ratings and reviews as well as for their website design. We have been extremely happy with the results.

–Dan from Kutting Edge Fitness